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About Us

Based in the Stittsville area, Wigney Homes is a well-known, trusted, and well-spoken of contractor. Founded by Matt Wigney in 1984, Wigney Homes has grown as a builder, and does a wide variety of construction projects. Everything from an entirely new constructed custom home, to small, medium, or large renovations, finished basements, bathrooms, kitchens, is done by Wigney Homes with incredible attention to detail and a commitment to the highest quality product.

At Wigney Homes we understand that your home is your personal place of relaxation and rest, family time and play time, and a place that should express a part of who you are. Working with Wigney Homes is a personal experience, in which one on one consultation with Matt Wigney during the design process will produce a home that fulfills your dream. With Wigney Homes, there are no "cookie-cutters", only quality custom designs that fit your personality, needs and lifestyle.

Quality Service

Our goal each day is to exceed your expectations, providing pristine service - before, during and after construction.

Wigney Homes has built a strong reputation that is a product of personal communication and contact with customers, building a quality product to the specifications of customers with a stress free environment during the building process.

Dealing personally with Matt Wigney is the premier aspect of Wigney Homes' service that differentiates the company in terms of service. Special care and attention is paid to each and every customer, as building the home that you have dreamed about, and providing service that exceeds your expectations is as important to Wigney Homes as it is to you.

Wigney Homes has been registered with "Tarion" (The Ontario New Home Warranty Program) since 1984. Wigney Homes has received the award of excellence each year since its 1984 registration date.

Big-Small Builder

Wigney Homes takes pride in every project undertaken. Wigney Homes is a big-small builder: big enough that the customer derives value from purchasing materials and services in large quantity, but small enough that each customer feels personally connected to the building process.

During Construction

From design to the final move, all work performed by Wigney Homes is personally supervised by Matt Wigney or Brad Wigney. This attention to detail along with the ability of the client to communicate directly with the owner of the company has given Wigney Homes a reputation second to none. Your journey as a customer is smooth and easy.

Each project undertaken by Wigney Homes in the community stands as a testimate to the pride & workmanship of the company.

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